Education Planning

With the cost of higher education rising annually, saving for college is on every parent’s mind. 

At Financial Foundations, we can help you find a suitable college investment program.

There are a variety of plans available to help you save for your educational needs. There are many factors that go into creating an education plan and we can help you navigate them. Here are some of the ways we can help:

  • Finding a program that can help you save significant sums for higher education
  • Devising a strategy to help you determine the right mix of investment alternatives
  • Advising you on additional costs associated with attending college

We are here to help

Trying to decipher which education plan is right for you can be enormously challenging. We are here to help you determine which savings vehicle best fits your financial situation—and, most importantly, your loved ones' needs. 

Check out our College Savings Plan Calculator to help you determine your educational savings requirements. 

*The fees, expenses, and features of 529 plans can vary from state to state. 529 plans involve investment risk, including the possible loss of funds. There is no guarantee that a college-funding goal will be met. In order to be federally tax-free, earnings must be used to pay for qualified higher education expenses. The earnings portion of a nonqualified withdrawal will be subject to ordinary income tax at the recipient’s marginal rate and subject to a 10-percent penalty. By investing in a plan outside your state of residence, you may lose any state tax benefits. 529 plans are subject to enrollment, maintenance, and administration/management fees and expenses.


Education Planning


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