Eileen Monahan-Biography

Eileen began her career in the financial services industry with a strong belief that providing appropriate financial advice to her clients would be the foundation of her practice, and 35 years later the trusted client relationships she has established are a testimony to her earliest intentions. She established her own firm, Monahan Associates, in 1986, and has continuously brokered through Commonwealth Financial Services.  Eileen is always looking ahead for her clients, to be certain they are where they should be today, so they are able to choose where they want to be when they retire.

Born in Dublin, Ireland, Eileen’s family emigrated to the Bronx in New York where she grew up playing basketball and where she established her still effective killer jump shot. She continues to play basketball and highly values the lessons she has learned playing team sports. Eileen maintains dual citizenship in both Ireland and the United States and loves to spend time with her extended family in Dublin and New York. A fan of Irish music, Nat King Cole, and a waltz, Eileen brings her appreciation of the good things in life to all her relationships. As well, she brings her 35 years of experience in the financial services profession to every client meeting, and to the team at Financial Foundations.