Abigail Furey Biography



As the Director of Marketing at Financial Foundations, Abby develops and implements marketing strategy, brand management and effective communications.  She is keenly in-tune with the client experience and generating engagement opportunities throughout the client lifecycle.  Abby enjoys working on entrepreneurial teams, where she is influential in promoting a positive and collaborative work environment. She loves competition and surprising others.  

Prior to joining Financial Foundations, she served for 3 years as Director of Investor Relations at Frontlight Capital, LP, a global macro hedge fund,  and for 14 years  as Director of Investor Relations at Clough Capital Partners, LP, an investment advisory firm. 

Abby holds a BS in operations and strategic management, as well as an MBA, both from Boston College Carroll School of Management. 

Outside of the office, Abby is active in her community and is dedicated to supporting and connecting women-run businesses.  She is creative, but not crafty, and loves to find the perfect gift.  Abby lives in Holliston, MA with her husband and two children.